Table IV

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Diaphragm muscle

This model shows the whole of the diaphragm muscle, the central tendon in the middle and the fleshy part on the sides; furthermore it shows clearly the attachments of the muscle.

On each side one can observe the right and left crura which arise from the bodies of the lumbar vertebrae, and the medial arcuate ligament attached to the transverse process of the II lumbar vertebra; between the two crura we can observe the aortic hiatus and, laterally to them, the medial arcuate ligament (arch of psoas major).

We can then see the much larger lateral arcuate ligament (arch of quadratus lumborum), clearly visible on the right, which goes from the transverse process of the II lumbar vertebrae to the XII rib. There follows the costal and, in the arterior median part, the insertion on the xiphoid process.

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