Table XII

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Head, trunk and left upper limb of an adult male with vessels and nerves

On the left half of the face, around orbit and chin, the cutaneous endings of the trigeminal nerve and, on the cheek, the branches of facial nerves, can be seen. On the neck we can notice first of all the vagi nerves which, together with their cardiac branches, descend along the carotid arteries. On the left we can also see a number of other nerves, such as the hypoglossus under the body of mandible, the spinal accessory nerve on the deep surface of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (here resected and raised) and the roots of the brachia! plexus located in front of the anterior and lateral vertebral muscle on top of subclavian artery.
In the thorax, the right lung and heart are left on site; the heart freed from the pericardium shows, on its ventricular walls, the coronary arteries and, at its base, the small nerve branches given to it by the cardiac plexus situated around the arch of aorta.
On the left half of the thorax the parietal pleura has been removed and we can therefore see the intercostal nerves going under the inner intercostal muscles together with the intercostal arteries; we can see the first two deriving from the superior intercostal artery, a branch of the subclavian. In the abdomen, around the aorta, attention is drawn to the coeliac (or solar) sympathetic plexus and the secondary plexuses deriving from it, that, following the branches of the aorta, go to liver, spleen, adrenal (suprarenal) glands, kidney, and testicles; in the plexus we can also see, just below the coeliac trunk, the two coeliac ganglia joined together. In the abdomen we have the nerves of the lombar plexus which can be identified for their relations with the psoas major muscle.
At the side of the muscle: iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nerves heading towards the iliac crest; coming out from the muscle itself is the genito-femoral nerve which courses behind along the back of ureter; lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh arching over the iliac muscle between the iliacus and the psoas major; the femoral nerve which is crossed by the deep circumflex iliac artery.
Finally, on the penis there is the terminal branch of the internal pudenda! nerve which courses alongside the deep dorsal artery to reach the corona glandis. On the upper left limb the cutaneous nerves and the superficial veins are visible; on the arm among the latter it is possible to recognize the basilic and cephalic veins joining superiorly the axillary vein. On the arm there is the brachia! artery descending with the median nerve along the middle of the biceps muscle. In the.forearm we can see the radial and ulnar arteries and, in the hand, the superficial palmar arch formed by these two arteries.
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